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Transferring from another platform
How does transferring data work from my other platform?
How does transferring data work from my other platform?
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We are happy that you made the decision to come on board! The transition process is fairly simple, here is an outline of how it works, what we need from you, and what you can leave to us.

Step One: Spreadsheet Completion

We will send you over our standardized spreadsheet for you to add your member information to. This spreadsheet is formatted specifically for us to import into TRIIB, so please do not change the column headers or order. 

Step Two: The Import!

Once we receive your spreadsheet, we will review it for errors or duplication and the file is imported within 24-48 business hours (Mon - Fri). 

We take the data that is on the spreadsheet and import it exactly as is into Triib. So, if everything was correct on the spreadsheet, it will all be correct in TRIIB.

Step Three: Verifying Reports

Once the data has been imported, you will receive an email notifying you of the completion and we will ask you to review a few reports.  This is a pertinent step in ensuring your member’s plans and billing dates are set up correctly.

What we need from you:

-Spend ample time reviewing these reports. 

-If any corrections need to be made, please let us know immediately. 

Step Three: Welcome Emails and Processing On!

We can send out a welcome email to everyone that provides login credentials and a prompt to have them to enter in their payment information. Your clients will then have access to log into Triib, RSVP for classes, log their workouts, etc.

We encourage you to give your members a heads up that you are changing systems and that they will be receiving an email that requires action. This helps ensure they get their information entered in a timely fashion. Here are a few Best Practices. 

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