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How long does the Onboarding process take?
How long does the Onboarding process take?
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Onboarding is a self-set-up process so the faster you work, the faster you are set up! We will provide you tutorials and have an Onboarding Specialist available to answer all of your questions quickly. 

We offer our clients up to 2 training calls and we highly encourage you to take advantage of this offer so we can show you how to use Triib and ensure that it is optimized for your business needs. 

On average, our clients are set up within 1 - 2 weeks. A few areas that can slow down the process are when you are transferring member data or billing information from another platform.  If you are transferring billing information from another platform, please allow for a minimum of 4 weeks. Learn more about Transferring Billing Information.

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