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9.11.2019: Update: International Processing SCA
9.11.2019: Update: International Processing SCA

Strong Customer Authentication for International Processing

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As part of a new law inside of the European Union (EU), requiring purchases to go through a Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), we updated the way purchases work for our EU gyms!

What is SCA? Strong Customer Authentication is the 3D Secure Authentication requirement for the EU in order to handle credit card payments. Some key points can be found below:

  • At this time not all EU banks will require this (Accurate as of September 11th, 2019)

  • Existing stored cards in Triib ‘may’ be grandfathered in. Meaning that not all of your members will need to to go through this authorization process and will be able to purchase as normal!

Below you'll see how this will work and affect purchases for members at your gym.


Member Online Signup will also have this built-in. 

After clicking Sign-up they will be prompted with the below image, where they must authorize and approve the charge before completing the signup process. Otherwise, the charge will not go through and the plan or pack will not be applied to their account.

**Please note this is a test image, as each bank and card issuer will have a different authorization screen, however, the "Complete Authorization " or "Fail Authorization" will remain**

When logging into their member account they will see the big yellow banner to alert them of a charge that needs their approval. If they click they Authorize Payment text it will bring them to the second image.

Here, they can review the charge, as well as a line item view of what is included in the charge. If approved, they can click the red button in the top left "Authorize Payment" to process the payment.

If you are attempting to process a payment from their member profile, and it needs authorization, it will look like this:

If you see this, it will prompt what we see in image 2, on the member profile with the yellow banner above their information.

If you'd like to connect with the member because they might not check their profiles frequently, you can email them as well! By clicking that teal button "Send Payment Authorization Email", it will bring you to the following image:

This will be all set to click send as the variables will populate based on the member name and the charge URL, plus the member will be pre-selected to be the only receipt of the email, so all you have to do is click send!

As reminder **THIS IS ONLY APPLICABLE TO EUROPEAN UNION GYMS USING TRIIB*** and does not affect gyms outside of the European Union

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