Before you leave, we recommend handing a few things and downloading some reporting. Here are some typical steps to follow when your site is impending deactivation:

  • Process any outstanding product purchases by going to Reports > Revenue based > Outstanding Product Purchases

  • Process any failed payments/overdue invoices by going to Reports > Revenue based > Failed Payments

  • Suggest your athletes to download their Performance Data. Athletes can export performance history by following the steps below. Log in to their Triib Dashboard (, Click Performance Tracking and Click CSV

  • Remove any Triib URLs from your website that you may have integrated

  • Download reporting you may want: Here are a few suggestions:

Members >

- Active Members

- Other Members

Income Reports >

- Income Summary Report

- Income Invoice Detail Report

- Income Deposit Report

- Upcoming Payments

- Revenue Over Time

Reports > Attendance >

- Monthly Attendance by Member

- Upcoming Drop Ins

- Upcoming Free Trials

Reports > Revenue >

- Outstanding Purchases

- Failed Payments

Members >

- Active Members

- Other Members

These steps are not required but we suggest:

  • Terminate future autopays

  • Cancel future classes and personal coaching sessions

  • Deactivate future auto emails

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