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Setting up Virtual Programming: Videos
Setting up Virtual Programming: Videos

How to program workouts and use videos for your virtual clients

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Virtual Programming is becoming more and more popular these days, it's a great way to deliver content to your clients without needing to be physically present. It's a wonderful way to deliver at home workouts or being able to deliver workouts to your clients while they are traveling.

From your Admin Dashboard, heard to Coaches Corner -> Calendar View

Click on the Day to program in a new section, or click on the section if you wish to update your existing workouts.

Click on the third icon, showing the video icon. You'll be asked to enter a URL into the text field.

Once you head to YouTube, click the Share button just to the bottom right of the video. 

Click the Copy button!

Head back to your Triib Admin page, enter the URL and click Save Programming.

Now your members can get all of your coaching, plus helpful instructional videos, delivered right to their phone without the need to head to the gym. Perfect for clients who prefer to workout at home, or to give them workouts to completed while traveling!

Videos are not just for scored workouts! If you have a not scored workout section (a note), load the Coaches Corner -> Calendar View and click on that section!

From YouTube, copy the URL in the address bar: 

Head back to your Triib Admin page, copy and paste that URL into the text box, and click Save Programming.

Load up the Triib Mobile App and you'll see a clickable hyperlink that will bring your members right to the YouTube app!

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