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At Home Workouts with Triib Challenges!
At Home Workouts with Triib Challenges!

Keep member engagement high with Triib Challenges!

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Keeping your members happy and healthy during these uncertain times is of utmost importance. With everything going on these days, it's important to be practicing being physically distant but remaining socially present, especially with your members.

Triib Challenges offer you a great way to keep your members engaged with your workouts, your gym and most importantly the community that you've worked so hard to build.

Now is the perfect time to use the Triib Challenges feature, when we need to be physically distant but socially engaged.

To get started, head to your Events tab and click Create New Event:

Then enter in the applicable information in the next screen. i.e. the start and end dates for your challenge, if you want non-members to be able to register, etc.

Once created, you'll see the following screen.

Daily, Weekly Attendance and Completion Based Goals, will help you continue to promote engagement with your members. Daily and Completion goals can be customized to fit your exact needs!

Daily Goals are great if you want to award a point for working out each day., getting enough sleep or eating your vegetables!

Completion Based Goals are great to set up for long term goals, row 10,000 meters, run a 5k, or spend 10:00 minutes in a plank. 

Want to take things up a notch? Add a Challenge workout, and give out prizes to the winners each week! 

You can even set a Baseline Workout, that they can complete at the beginning and end of the challenge! It's a great way to measure progress through the challenge duration.

Once you've got your challenge just how you want, you can have members either register OR add them manually to the event. 

Once the members are in the event, they can load up their app and see the following images: From the main menu they can click on the Events tab!

Then they will see any past or current events they were/are part of!

Once they click into the event, they will see the event home screen and be able to log their scores for daily/completion based goals, enter their baseline workout results or even their body statistics!  

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