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Key customizations for your check in experience

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You can customize how you would like to handle issues for Check-Ins by going to Triib Settings > Check In Settings.

By default, the behavior of Check-In is to let someone check in with an issue (ie-full class) check in. 

We recommend clicking "Use the Unified Check In behavior" so that the Check-In experience is unified across the different methods of checking in. 

By enabling the options, it won't allow someone to Check-In with an issue for the following: 

  • Class Size Limit Met or Exceed

  • Using Alert Non RSVP'd members from kiosk settings

  • No Remaining Attendances

  • Members doesn't have a plan/attendance packs that allow access to the class

  • Member's plan is currently on hold

  • Attend too many classes in row (this is set under Edit Affiliate Settings)

  • Member hasn't signed a contract

  • Member has an overdue cash payment

  • Member has a declined automatic payment

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