Transferring ownership of your Triib account isn't as scary as it sounds. The team is here to help every step of the way, please review this article and reach out to us to get the process started.

This article describes the process when the new owner will have access to all the previous financial data and member information. Both the old and new owners must confirm the change. Triib will initiate an email to do so.


EIN and Legal Business Entity Changes

Before any changes can take place, Triib needs written confirmation of the change from both the previous and new/current owner.

  • Step Two: Triib will disconnect the merchant account, deposit bank account, and credit card for your payments to Triib.
  • Step Three: the new owners are required to set up their merchant account, credit card for payments, and to sign the Triib Terms of Service.

*the date you list in your email will be the deadline for the new owner to complete their account setup

  • Step Four: Triib will send a confirmation email once the change is complete.

No Change to EIN or Legal Entity

If the EIN, business type, or legal entity will not change...

  • Step Two: the new owners must update the Stripe Merchant Account through Triib. They may be asked to upload identity verification documents. This is vital step to ensure payouts are not delayed.
  • Step Three: Triib will make an update that requires a new signature on the Terms of Service and credit card for Triib subscription payments.
  • Step Four: Triib will send a confirmation email once the change is complete.

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