Triib's membership functionality was built with flexibility in mind; allowing you to define and customize the way your members are billed.

Each night, we have an automatic process to sift through and "flag" any invoices that appear to be misconfigured to ensure you're charging the intended amount.

🚩 Once an invoice has been flagged, it must be manually processed 🚩

What causes a flagged invoice?

  • The invoice process date is more than two billing periods old may happen if you manually process an invoice out of order. For example: if an invoice due May 1st fails, then you process the June 1st invoice, come July processing the May 1st invoice will likely be flagged.

  • Archived members are expected to not have any invoices process. You can still manually process this invoice if they should have been billed prior to archiving.

  • This invoice contains at least one item for a plan which is not currently active will happen if you change a member's plan while they have an outstanding invoice(s) for the previous plan. When the new plan is added, the invoices it generates may get held up by the one outstanding.

  • Duplicate memberships on any member will likely show "there was an invoice that was possibly overbilled". In the case your member is paying for a family member, please see this article to learn how to properly set that up.

  • Invoice has a negative total, the least common, happens when you cancel a membership plan that was placed on a mass hold by Triib. Please reach out to support for assistance on these.

How can I find my flagged invoices?

The best way to locate flagged invoices is through your dashboard.

You can also always use the Flagged Invoices report. You can view any flagged invoices within a chosen date range.

How do I fix my flagged invoices?

Here are some ways you can resolve these on your own:

  1. Process it! If the invoice total appears as you expect it, go ahead and click the "full process now" button at the bottom right.

  2. Zero it out. If the invoice was not meant to be generated or processed at all, use the "discount next payment" fields on the member's billing tab to update the price to $0, then process it.

  3. Get rid of it! Make the changes necessary to eliminate the invoice altogether. You may consider canceling the membership plan, updating the hold dates, or removing store items from the invoice.

If you're unsure how to proceed, please reach out to support and we'll be happy to assist!

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