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How to Embed your Class Schedule on your website
How to Embed your Class Schedule on your website
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Under Triib Settings > Triib URLs, you will find the following HTML Code:

If you are using WordPress, follow the next steps to embed this code. If you are still not sure what to do, we'd suggest discussing working with a web developer.

  • In the navigation menu click the Pages link.

  • Click the page that you want to add the Class Schedule to.

  • Click the Text Tab.

  • You will then see the text, buttons, etc. of the page and you can enter the HTML at the place you would like the schedule to appear.

  • Click Update to save your changes.

NOTE: if you find that the entire schedule isn't appearing or scrolling, change the height numbers in the code. In the code above they are 900, replace 900 with 1200 or another number and it should resolve the issue.

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