How to Customize your Kiosk

Learn how to adjust your kiosk settings and personalize for forms

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You can customize what members see on your Kiosk as well as the fields that you display on the forms. To change what members see your Kiosk screen, as well as change other general features of the Kiosk, toggle to Triib Settings > Kiosk Settings on your Triib account.

1 - Set Up Kiosk Security / Alerts

You'll also be asked to create your own Kiosk pin number to prevent people randomly accessing your site. When you set this 4 digit pin number it will need to be entered anytime the page is loaded by a new browser.

2 - Choose which Kiosk Pages / Forms are shown

Check the boxes of the pages you would like visible to your members on the kiosk. Example: If you do not offer Drop-ins or Sell Retail product, un-check Kiosk Store and Drop-Ins and your kiosk will look like the below example:

3 - Kiosk Store (If Enabled)

Customize your member payment options to allow for cash sales, use the card on file, add a new card, or add to their monthly invoice. Enabling Allow Members To 'Pay Now' provides current members the ability to pay now versus adding the product to their monthly invoice.

4 - Kiosk Class Check-In

Shows visibility into who is in class and provides alerts for when the member was supposed to RSVP in advance.

5 - Kiosk Background Image

Choose from 5 different background images. At this time, we do not have the ability to add in a custom image.

Personalize Your Forms

Once you've set your Kiosk Settings, Click on Form Settings to personalize each form. There are a total of 7 forms, 5 forms are for the Kiosk and 2 forms are for online sign-ups on your website if you integrated them into your site. You can choose which fields are required, which ones to hide, and which ones are optional. Note: We do not have the ability for custom fields at this time.

Kiosk Forms:

Kiosk - New Member - Sign Up Form

Kiosk - New Member-Products Only Form

Kiosk/Online - Drop In Form

Kiosk - More Information/Visitor Form

Kiosk - Quick Waiver Form

Online Forms for Customization:

Appointments - New Member - Sign Up Form

Online - New Member Form

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