So you've input your waiver and added your questions, now how do you get your members to sign it?!

Members can sign it 2 ways:

  • Upon login to their Triib profile from a web browser.

  • Upon class check-in from the Kiosk

To sign upon login to their Triib Profile:

Step 1: The member will receive a welcome email containing a username (their email) and a temporary password. They need to click the URL provided in step 1 in the welcome email.

Step 2: Change the temporary password. After opening the account URL, they'll be asked to enter their old password and create a new, unique password!

Step 3: Once your new password is set, the waiver automatically pops up for the member to fill out and sign! The member will need to complete their personal information and sign the waiver.

To Sign Upon class check-in from the Kiosk:

Step 1: From the Kisok, Type Member Name into Check-In

Step 2: Liability Waiver automatically pops up, complete personal information and Sign Waiver.


Do you have a liability waiver template?

Due to a liability waiver being a legal document, we do not provide templates for this. The internet has many waiver examples that you may want to use. The CrossFit Journal provides an example and information regarding waivers that you might find helpful:

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