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Contact Us page - Configuring and Embedding
Contact Us page - Configuring and Embedding
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This Contact Us link allows someone to request more information from your affiliate. When someone fills out this information you will receive an email with their information and they will be added to your Prospects page, which can found under Members > Prospects.

The Contact Us page link can be found under Triib Settings > Triib URLs.

You can use this as a button link on your website or as a custom URL menu tab. You or your web developer can create a button, like "Contact Us" for example, and enter the Contact Link as the URL so when prospects click on Contact Us, they're presented with the form to fill out their information.

Configuring the Contact Us page:

To configure your Contact Us link, select Design Settings > Design Pages > Configure Page next to Contact Page.

Here, you can find additional items to include on the page, like a google map, email address, gym address, phone number, and business hours.

Finding your prospects and converting them to Members:

To find a list of prospects, select Members > Prospects.

Click on a prospects name > Select the blue Create as Member button.

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