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How to Create Challenge Goals
How to Create Challenge Goals

Learn about Daily goals, weekly attendance goals and completion based goals

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If you're running a challenge at your gym you will most likely want to set up some challenge goals! These goals can be daily, weekly, or completion based.

Daily Goals:

Fixed Daily Goal:

  • For these goals, you can assign a point amount, and each day a member marks that they completed the goal they receive 5 points (if they don't, then they receive 0 points).

Examples of fixed daily goals are to drink 74oz of water daily, get > 8 hours of sleep, 30 sit-ups daily.

Variable Daily Goals:

  • Variable daily goals allow you to select a point value, for example, 5 points, and then members can rank their score for that day from 0-5.

Examples of variable daily goals include clean eating and minimum exercise minutes.

Weekly Attendance Goals:

  • Attendance goals allow you to set a minimum number of classes that a member needs to attend each week to receive points. When members check into classes, the attendance goal will automatically be updated.

Completion Based Goals:

  • Completion based goals allow an athlete to enter scores as many times as possible to achieve the total score required to meet the goal completion standards.

Examples of Completion based goals are Run 5 miles, 500 Wall Balls, 100 Push-Ups.

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