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Challenge Set Up Page Decoded
Challenge Set Up Page Decoded
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Have questions on the challenge set up page fields? Check out the key below for some assistance!

  • Challenge Name: Public-facing name of the challenge

  • Challenge Start Date: First day of the challenge

  • Challenge End Date: The last day of the challenge

  • Registration Fee: How much you are charging clients for the challenge

  • Registration Deadline: The last day someone can sign up for the challenge

  • Tag Line: This will be listed under the event name on your sign up page

  • Is an Online Competition: These settings are for challenges that contain only workout based scoring, such as the CrossFit Open™. These types of challenges cannot also have goal-based tasks at this time.

  • Allow non-members to register for your challenge?: If the challenge is strictly for members only, then leave this unchecked

  • Enable T-Shirt Option: Do members receive a T-shirt upon sign up? If so, check this off.

  • Days prior to allow submission: How many days can go by where a member can still edit their past score submissions (leave blank if there is no limit)

  • Event Image: Image displayed on your public event sign up page. Preferred Size: 780px x 780px. The image will be scaled to fit automatically. Your event image can be used when your event is shared using the public link. If no image is selected, a generic image of kettlebells will be shown.

  • Track Beginning/Ending Athlete Body Composition?: Check this checkbox if you want to track your athletes beginning and ending body composition

  • Beginning Body Composition - Last Day to Enter: What is the last day that an athlete can enter their starting body composition stats on their own. Admin can override this.

  • Ending Body Composition - First Day to Enter: What is the first day that an athlete can enter their ending body composition stats on their own. Admin can override this.

  • Optional Attendance Pack: If desired, you can attach an attendance pack to this event that expires the same day the challenge does. This will require that you first create an attendance pack and then attach it to the event.

Need to make a change to your challenge set up page? No problem! Simply go to the event (Events > View Event > Select Event Name > Edit Challenge Set Up:

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