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How to Set Up Bonus Scores
How to Set Up Bonus Scores

Understanding how Challenge Bonus Scores/Points work

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Bonus scores give you the ability to award an athlete based upon certain criteria you set. The bonus score can be awarded anytime during the challenge and can be given to as many athletes as you wish.

The max points let the athletes know the MAXIMUM points that can be awarded, however you are able to enter as many points up to that max to the athlete.

An example of bonus points could be:

  • Most Weight Lost

  • Highest Body Fat % lost

  • Most Classes Attended

To create Bonus Scores:

  • On the right side of Challenge's main page, click + Add Bonus Score

  • Name the score

  • Enter the maximum number of points that can be awarded for this bonus. Staff can award any number of points up to the maximum to a member.

  • Add a description of the bonus score.

  • Save Task.

After saving, you'll see the Bonus Scores you've created at the bottom of the Challenge's main page.

To award Bonus Point to a member, select Award Bonus Points on the right side of the Challenge's main page.

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