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How to Add a Member to a Challenge
How to Add a Member to a Challenge

The difference between adding a member manually or having them sign up online using the public url.

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Members can either sign up for a challenge online, or an admin can add them into the challenge manually.

Online Member Sign Up:

  • Members (and non-members if enabled) can sign up for a challenge via the public sign up page! To access this url, navigate to Events > View Events > Public link

  • The challenge page will display the challenge information and allow members to register and pay. Admin will be alerted when a member signs up, and the member will also automatically receive a challenge welcome email (if the welcome email is enabled).

Manually Add Member to Challenge:

  • Admin can manually add members to challenges by going to Events > View Events > select the event > Add Member to Challenge

  • Please note that this option overrides the registration fee, so a member isn't prompted to pay for the challenge.

If you manually add a member and would like to charge them a registration fee, we recommend creating a store product called "Challenge Registration Fee" and charging it to their account via the admin store.

Remove Member from a challenge:

  • Click Registered Members > Withdraw from Challenge for the member you would like to remove from the Challenge.

Note: If they have already paid, removing them does not automatically refund them.

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