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Challenges - View Stats Info
Challenges - View Stats Info

A breakdown of Body Stats that can be recorded in Triib

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The "View Stats Info" chart on a challenge is a great way to view and compare your challenge participant's stats all in one place. This is helpful for determining who to award Bonus Scores to!

Statistics on this chart include:

  • Start Weight

  • End Weight

  • Diff % (percent difference between the participants starting weight and ending weight)

  • Start Body Fat

  • End Body Fat

  • Fat Diff % (percent difference between participants' starting body fat composition and ending body fat composition)

  • Start Waist

  • End Waist

  • Diff % (percent difference between a participants' waist measurements at the start and end of the challenge)

Note: You can download the list of registrant's body stats in CSV or XLS format.

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