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Competition Set Up Page Decoded
Competition Set Up Page Decoded
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Have questions on the competition set up page fields? Check out the key below for some assistance!

  • Publicized: Do you want non-members to be able to view this event?

  • Event Name: Public-facing name of the event

  • Event date

  • Registration Deadline

  • Maximum Athletes/Teams (Optional): How many athletes/teams may register for your event? This is a hard limit, where all divisions will be included. This is optional, if you only set limits by division, then the limit will only been enforced at the division level.

  • Require Payment Upon Registration: If not checked then the user will be prompted to bring their payment to the event and pay onsite.

  • Registration Fee: Cost for event registration (do not enter the dollar sign) - for teams, put the total for the entire team

  • Enable Donations during Athlete Registration: If checked, people who register for the event will be able to optionally add a donation to the event cause/charity.

  • Enable Donations without Requiring Registration: If checked, people can give a donation without registering as an athlete for the event.

  • Minimum Non-Athlete Donation: If donations are accepted without requiring registration, what is the minimum amount of donation for non-athlete donations.

  • Enable tshirt option: This will prompt participants to enter their t-shirt size

  • Show volunteer registration option: Volunteers will be able to register on the competition sign up page

  • Show judge registration option: Judges will be able to register on the competition sign up page

  • Hide registered athlete webpage: Checking this checkbox will turn off the public facing list of registered athletes.

  • Hide athlete heats webpage: Checking this checkbox will turn off the public facing list athlete heats.

  • Scoring type: Highest score means the person with the highest overall points will win. Lowest score means the person with the lowest overall score wins.

  • Description: Public facing competition description

  • Event Website: What is the official event website?

  • Default view is by time: Check this box so that the default event view is by start time instead of by the division then the heats within the division (this is the traditional choice since it is easier for competitors). You can get from one view to the other easily.

  • Address: Enter the address of the facility where the competition is being hosted (this will display on the event sign up page).

Need to make a change to your challenge set up page? No problem! Simply go to the event (Events > View Event > Select Event Name > Edit Challenge Set Up:

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