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How to Set Up a Seminar/Clinic
How to Set Up a Seminar/Clinic
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To create a Seminar / Clinic:

  • Click Events > Create New Event > Seminars / Clinics

Enter the appropriate settings for the Seminar / Clinic, such as:

  • Seminar Name: Public facing name of the challenge

  • Seminar Start Date: First day of the challenge

  • Seminar End Date: The last day of the challenge

  • Registration Fee: How much you are charging clients for the challenge

  • Registration Deadline: The last day someone can sign up for the challenge

Once created, you'll see your Seminar Details, followed by any registration codes, seminar/clinic attendees, and the event description.

You can also view the Public Page for the event, edit the details of the event, upload event images, download the attendee list, and also manually add attendees to the list. These buttons are located at the top of the page.

Registration Codes: Under Event Registration Codes, you can add new registration codes. These can be used to give someone who registers a discount or free registration to the event.

To allow people to register for your event online, hit the Public Page button, and distribute the URL appropriately.

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