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How to Create Competition Heat Sheets
How to Create Competition Heat Sheets
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After the closing of the registration window, and prior to the start of the first event, you will want to release the heats for the first workout!

Go to the first workout for your competition and select "View/Set Up Heats" next to the first workout:

See the key below for a breakdown of the different fields on the heat creation form:

  • Event division: select which division you are creating heats for

  • Method to Seed Athletes: You can select either Random, By Current Standing - First Place in Last Heat, By Current Standing - First Place in First Heat, or Alphabetical by Last Name. Please note that if this is the first workout of the event, selecting by current standing will be done randomly.

  • Max Athletes Per Heat: What is the maximum number of athletes you can have in each heat? If you need to have more athletes in a heat than the drop-down lets you have, you need to edit the workout to increase the number of athletes per heat.

  • Put all athletes in one heat: Do you want to create one single heatwith all athletes in it? i.e. This would be the case for a lifting ladder workout. The other fields will be ignored if this is selected.

  • Number of Athletes to Cut: Do you want to remove any athletes from the previous workout, based on current standings?
    Leave blank to not cut any athletes.

  • Number of top athletes to seed: Set this value to keep the top X athletes only (typically used for the final event).

Repeat this process for each of the workouts! This can be done all at once or you can create the heats throughout the competition according to the rankings after each event.

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