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How to Add a Challenge Blog Post
How to Add a Challenge Blog Post
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Sending weekly or daily blog posts are a great way to relay information to your challenge participants, and to get them engaged!

To create a challenge blog post, select "Add Challenge Blog Post" on your challenge admin page:

When creating your blog post, start off with an attention grabbing title! Next you can upload an image, and then draft your post content.

At the bottom of this page you will also be able to select the release date and time of the post. The post date will mark the date that the post was created.

The blog posts will be released to your blog page on the date you selected above. To access the blog url, go to TRIIB Settings > Online Settings > Blog Setup. We recommend unchecking the box next to "is your blog public?" so that only logged in users can view the posts.

1 - If you would like to email the blog link out to all of your challenge participants, you can simply go to Messaging > Compose Email > under "Member Lists" select "Events/Challenges" > select the name of your current challenge! This will auto-select all of your challenge participants to receive the email.

2 - All challenge participants will see the blog when they log into their web profile (

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