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Automatically Apply Account Credits to Invoice
Automatically Apply Account Credits to Invoice
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Looking to create and apply credits for your members? While Triib doesn't currently offer a member credit option, gift certificates can be used for members to purchase "credit" and apply them to their accounts at a later time.

Before we set this up, navigate to your settings under TRIIB Settings > Edit Affiliate Info > Automatically Apply Account Credits.

When this setting is checked off, the account credits from gift certificate purchases will automatically deduct from a member's next invoice once the invoice is processed.

How to put a credit on a member's account:

Step One: Add Account Credit as a Product

  • Go to Store > Add Product > Product Type: " Gift Certificates"

Step Two: Purchase Account Credit

  • Once the account credit product has been set up. Check the customer out by going to Store > Click + Add > Checkout

Step Three: Once purchased go to your dashboard (Dashboards > Dashboard):

From here you can access a screen listing out all gift certificate/account credit purchases:

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