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How to Add an Automated Email for Attendance Packs
How to Add an Automated Email for Attendance Packs
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TRIIB offers a variety of automatic alerts you can enable for your gym! If you offer a free trial promotion, you can set up an automated email to be sent to these members once their trial period is complete.

Similar to most alerts in Triib, the process to create an attendance pack alert is two-fold:

Step One: Create the email template!

  • Go to Messaging > Email Templates > Attendance Packs

Step Two: Attach the email template to the alert!

  • Go to Messaging > Alerts > Attendance Pack > Add New Attendance Pack Alert

On this page you must:

  1. Select the package the alert is for (i.e. Free Trial Week)

  2. Select the email template (the template you just created)

  3. Select the situation that will trigger the alert (After last session is used)

Setting Up For A Trial Attendance Pack?

Because free trial packages can sometimes expire before a client uses all of their sessions, we recommend repeating this step again, only this time set "Alert is Sent" to "When package has expired":

After you hit "Save" the alert set up is complete and members will automatically receive an email once they check into the last class of their package or when their package expires (whichever comes first).

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