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How to Advertise a Challenge
How to Advertise a Challenge
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Once you've created a challenge, you can advertise it with a public event page. The public event page will allow members and non-members to register and provide them details of the event. The public challenge page is automatically created for you and can be found inside the challenge and in the list of current events.

Inside the Challenge:

List of Events Page:

Advertise on Social Media/ Website:

  • Take the public page and add to your Facebook page, Facebook ad, Instagram, or elsewhere.

  • Embed public URL directly on your website as a menu tab or a button.

Advertise Internally:

  • Enable Events Link on the Triib Website which will appear for members when they log in.

To enable this, go to Design Settings > General Settings >

1 - Add Logo

2 - Check Show Event Index Link

3 - Check any other public page you wish to display. We also suggest the public sign up page and schedule link.

4 - Update Settings

Advertise via Email:

  • Create an Email Newsletter in Triib Messaging and send you all members or a group of members. Don't forget to add the public link to your email.

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