Members can access their online profile by logging in on your gym's Triib login site. This site will be the same as your triib admin site url, but will have /accounts/login at the end instead of /admin. For example,

Upon logging in, members will be able to see a dashboard displaying important high level information about their account, such as Performance Tracking / WODs, Attendance Information, Logged workouts, Active Plans/Packages, and a programming calendar.

Additionally, they can use the menu on the left side to navigate through the member portal. The Overview tab is the landing page displaying the high-level info mentioned above.

Settings: The settings tab allows a member to edit their profile information.

Payment Method: The payment method button allows the member to make edits to their credit card / bank account saved on file, as well as edit their Kiosk PIN.

Download Signed Waiver: The Download Signed Waiver button allows the member to download your gym's waiver.

Appointments: The appointments button allows the member to see upcoming and past appointments.

Performance Tracking: The performance tracking tab gives members the ability to edit their Body Stats, view their Workout History, view your gym's workouts, Max/Best recorded scores, your gym's Benchmarks, add custom workouts, view performance programming for the month, and see any movement videos you've posted.

Payments: The payments tab allows members to access their current invoice as well as their payment history.

Attendance: The attendance tab will allow members to access their Class Registration Information, as in the status of their RSVP at a certain class. From here, they can unregister for class. They can also see their attendance history at your gym by clicking on Attendance History.

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