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Why is a member's bank account showing "Unverified"?
Why is a member's bank account showing "Unverified"?
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When a member uses the two-step verification method to add in their bank account, Stripe will send two small deposits to a member's bank account that need to be verified in their Triib account.

Members can verify these deposits by logging into their Member Online Profile Page and go to Payment. They will then enter the two micro deposits.

Alternatively, a member can give an coach/staff the micro deposit information and the coach/staff can enter it through the Admin Site by going to the member's profile page and click billing. At the bottom on the page, there will be a place to enter the micro deposits.

If this step hasn't been completed, then their profile will read "bank account unverified". They will also be added to the "Unverified Bank Accounts" report (Reports > Members).

Once the amounts are successfully verified, the member will then be able to process payments!


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