How to Authorize a Stripe Transfer

Required when transferring billing information from your personal Stripe account to Triib

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Are you new to Triib and looking to do a billing transfer from your personal Stripe account to Triib?

First, you are probably wondering if you can use your personal Stripe account in the Triib platform. Unfortunately, we are unable to connect your personal Stripe account to the Triib platform; however, we can transfer the data to the Triib platform. Prior to getting starting, make sure you have set up a Stripe Merchant Account within Triib by going to Triib Settings > Deposit Bank & Merchant Acct Info.

Follow along below to view the necessary steps to complete the transfer:

Step One: Notify your onboarding specialist ( that you would like to do a billing transfer. They will then send an email to Stripe (you will be CC'd) requesting to initiate a transfer of your member billing information to Triib.

Step Two: Stripe will respond and they will request an authorization form be sent from the Source (your Stripe account) and to the Destination (Triib) account. Your onboarding specialist will take care of the destination account verification, however, you will need to send the source account verification.

To get started with submitting the authorization, you will need to first locate your Stripe account number!

  1. Log into your Stripe dashboard (via > dashboard)

  2. Go to your profile (person icon in the top right corner of screen > Profile) > Scroll down to Accounts > Copy the ID.

Note: If you have multiple Stripe Accounts, make sure your are selecting the Account ID from the correct account you are looking to transfer the data from.

Now that you have your Stripe Account ID you can submit the authorization!

  1. Click the "?" icon in the top right of your screen

  2. Select "Contact Support"

  3. You will be redirect to Stripe's support site. From here a pop up will appear in the bottom right of your screen. Under "Select a topic...", select "Verification."

  4. Select "Send us an email"

  5. Under "What's your question?" type "Attention Migrations Team - Ticket # (enter ticket number given by Stripe here)

  6. Scroll down to "Tell us more - how can we help?" and type:

"Hi Migration Team,

I approve of this transfer of billing information.

SOURCE: [Your Gym Name - Account #]

Thank you,

[Your Name]"

Once you hit "Submit" you are finished! Reply to the email thread from Stripe notifying them that you have submitted your verification.

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