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Going through a membership price increase or need to update a membership plan name? We are happy to announce the release of the membership update tool! Follow along below to learn how it works:

Before we begin, please note that all changes to the plan are final and cannot easily be undone!

Step One: Navigate to your membership list (Memberships > Membership Plans) & select "Edit/Create Plan" next to the membership you would like to edit.

Step Two: Fill out the form!

  • Membership Type Name: The new display name of the membership

  • Rate: The new rate of the membership

  • Effective Date: If "Next Bill Date" is selected, the updated plan will be effective on each individual members' next bill date. If "Fixed Date" is selected, every member will be moved to the next plan on the date entered.

  • Copy Program Access: Will this membership maintain the same class & programming access (i.e. should it be included in the same program restriction as it was previously)?

  • Add Existing Contract: If this membership has a contract, do you want members signing a new contract or have their existing contract carry over?

Please Note:

  • Fixed date will change every members' bill date to the date entered. This will cause prorations from their current bill date to the new one.

  • Contracts that are carrying over will not be updated to contain the new plan name and rate. Admin will need to update the contract details manually.

  • Plans with term lengths will be "reset." For example, Member A is on a 3 month contract from 1/1/2021 - 3/31/2021, and if the effective date is set for 3/15/2021, the new plan will run from 3/15/2021 to 6/14/2021.

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