Paying for investments at Trine can be done through:

  • Credit and Debit card (please note that this option might not be available as we are launching our new payment solution in 2021)

  • Bank transfer (SEPA - Single Euro Payments Area)

  • Direct bank payment through Trustly

Please note: We are currently moving Trine users over to our own payment solution, which means you either have access to Credit or Debit Card payment and Bank transfer or direct bank payment through Trustly.

Trine uses the payment provider Lemon Way who is an ACPR accredited payment institution in France. 

Neither Trine nor Lemon Way charges any additional fees for payments, however, some banks or card providers might charge for the currency exchange from your local currency to EUR. If you use Trustly direct bank payment and exchange from SEK to EUR there is a fee of 0,25%.

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