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How does Trine work?

How impact investments can save the planet and help sustainable growth.

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Pioneering green investments and empowering solar companies.

Trine simplifies the process for individuals to invest in loans for solar companies, offering vital capital that helps these companies contribute to a greener and more equitable future. Investors have the opportunity to earn interest ranging from 4.5 to 11% on their investments, with the assurance that their contributions are making a positive impact.

What was Trine’s initial market focus?

Initially, Trine focused on financing Solar Home Systems (SHS) companies, a market targeting communities with limited energy access in emerging markets. This relatively young market, dominated by companies with less than a decade of operation, has evolved into a competitive landscape. This shift led to more competitive pricing but also reduced profit margins for these companies.

Due to slimmer margins, some SHS companies were experiencing delays in reaching profitability, making it challenging to attract investors. This situation led to market consolidation, with smaller companies either closing or merging with larger entities. In response, Trine has remained committed to the sector but has become more selective in its lending decisions, mainly focusing on the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) solar sector.

The Impact of Financing C&I Solar.

C&I Solar is not just about providing solar solutions to businesses. It encompasses a diverse range of customers, including large corporations, small local businesses, governments, educational institutions, and nonprofits. By financing solar projects in these areas, Trine contributes significantly to environmental and societal impacts.

For instance, solar power in schools, businesses, and hospitals can significantly reduce hazardous air pollution by decreasing dependence on fossil fuels. These institutions can also cut operating costs and safeguard against fluctuating utility rates. In regions like Africa, where the electrical grid is often unstable, solar power offers a reliable alternative, extending working hours, enhancing employment opportunities, and ensuring continuous operations in schools and hospitals, even during power outages or after dark. By enabling a stable, renewable power supply, businesses can maintain sustainable operations, foster economic growth, create jobs, and positively impact society.

Investment Opportunities in C&I Solar

Investing in C&I Solar with Trine allows investors to support established industry players and diversify their risk across different regions, all while contributing to a significant positive impact. Although competition exists in some areas of the C&I solar sector, long-term contracts (typically over 10 years) signed by clients provide stable and prolonged revenue streams.

By investing with Trine, you're not just choosing a financial venture; you're actively participating in shaping a sustainable and brighter future for our planet.

Boost Your Solar Project with Trine: Sustainable Financing Made Easy

If you are a solar company in search of debt financing, consider exploring Trine's offerings at Join us in our mission to foster a sustainable future through impactful investments.

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