Looking to set an alert up based around a Salesforce date field? You'll find them here.

1. How do I set up an alert to send "today"?

The logic for setting up an alert to fire the day of the date is:

"[Date field] equals 0 days away"

2. What is the difference between setting up an alert condition as "equals" vs. "less than/greater than"?

When set up a date alert with the "equals" condition, the alert will fire only once - at the number of days before, after, or on the date of your choosing (eg, I want to be alerted exactly 15 days before an opt-out date).

When you set up a date alert with a "less than/greater than" condition, the alert will continue to fire on the schedule of your choosing until you select the Don't show again button or until the filter for the alert no longer applies.

3. What is that "past due" checkbox I see sometimes?

For your convenience, when you set up a date alert to fire with the condition to get notified for a date in the future with "less than [X] days away", you will also have the option to continue to fire the alert after that date has passed. 

This is great for dates that you want to be alerted to them upcoming and but should never be in the past (eg, re-engagement date on an open opportunity)

4. What are my options for where I can send these?

Currently, you can send Date-Based Alerts to Direct Messages in the "Post to Slack" section of setup. There are a couple options:

  • Send every qualifying alert to an individual. Like when a manager wants to see every upcoming Close Date for her team.
  • Send only specific alerts to an individual. When you select "Owner" for example, the recipients selected will only get a message for the objects they own.

5. I have feedback for Troops...

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