With advanced charging rules, you can set safety distance, ready time, daily distance and maximum charging parameters.

Safety Distance
Safety distance means that no matter the charging conditions we, when you attach the charging cable, will endeavour to charge your car to a point where it can complete the distance that you choose. In other words, we will change your car until the safety distance is reached, no matter what the price and carbon footprint of the needed electricity is. 

Prepare Car
If you activate Prepare Car, we prepare your vehicle's battery and drive space as well as possibly for transport at the set ready time.
During the winter you can, for example, enjoy the ability to step out into a pre-warmed car with a warmed up battery, which increased both the battery's lifetime and your comfort level.

Max Charge of Battery
Max Charge of Battery enables you to control that the car's battery is never charged beyond a certain, set level.
This ability can, for some car brands, be relevant to ensure the longest possible battery life.

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