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How do I get started with True Solar?
How do I get started with True Solar?

Everything you need to know in order to get started

Written by Camilla Hallstrøm
Updated over a week ago

IMPORTANT: True Solar is only offered in Denmark.

It is only possible to use True Solar with a Kamstrup meter and a Smart-me module.


True Solar is a solution for you who have a solar system at home and would like to use the power you produce yourself. With the True Energy app, you can monitor in real time whether the electricity is flowing into or out of your house, and you can then optimize your electricity consumption. You can automatically start charging your EV when you have excess production and both save money and do something good for the environment.

How to get started with True Solar:

1) You must have a solar cell system that regularly has surplus production .

2) You must have a Kamstrup Omni Power Meter with space for a HAN module (Smart-me).

3) You must buy a Smart-Me module with wifi and RJ45 connector.

4) You must order an encryption key from your Network Company.

5) You must download the True Energy app and create a user/account, your car, your

charger and a charge rule.

To make the HAN module work with your electricity meter, you must order an encryption key from your Network Company (DSO). Your network company is the one that supplies your power and not your electricity company.

Connect the Smart-me module and the True Energy app

Watch a video of how to do it here.

Before you can use your Smart-me module, you must connect it to your wifi/network.

1) Find the "HAN module port in your Kamstrup OMNI Power meter, open it and insert the

Smart-me module.

2) Download and install the free Smart-me app from App Store or Google Play.

3) Open the app and create an account.

4) Click "Add Device" (+) and follow the instructions.

5) Follow the instructions from Smart-me (Remember to have your encryption code ready).

6) You must be able to see continuous (live) measurement of your electricity meter via the

Smart-me app.

7) Remember your password and username.

8) Open the True Energy app and click ...More -> True Solar

9) Log in with your Smart-me username and password.

10) Check that the "electricity pin" is updated in our app.

Now you are ready to charge your electric car with power from your solar cells.

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