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What is True Finance?
What is True Finance?

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True is a financial guide that helps customers build credit and crush debt faster. Our goal is to help you own your future. How do we make this happen?

  1. We provide customers with a free view of their credit score. These details are provided by VantageScore 3.0 using Equifax data.

  2. We provide alerts of changes to your credit file. Every time a new loan or other financial product which requires a credit pull is requested, you will be alerted.

  3. Cash Advance of up to $100 are available to Premium Subscribers at 0% APR. These funds are meant to help you prevent overdraft fees, pay your credit card on time, or simply buy some groceries. We understand money can be tight and we want to help you weather the storm.

  4. Financial offers are available within the app. Based on your interests and needs, we will share offers for Personal Loans, Auto Insurance, and Credit Cards. Simply select the offer that meets your current need and apply .

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