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Why can't I get a cash advance?
Why can't I get a cash advance?
Written by Andrey Gorban
Updated over a week ago

True Finance uses a wide range of data points to see if your account qualifies for a cash advance. We analyze several factors when evaluating an account, but here are some to consider to see if you qualify:

1. You can only have one cash advance out at a time. Once you've repaid a cash advance, you're welcome to apply for another one!

2. How are you getting paid by your employer? Direct deposit payments are required in order for you to qualify for a cash advance. Unfortunately, if you don't have at least three recurring direct deposits, you won't qualify.

3. Does your bank account meet our eligibility requirements? Make sure that you link a valid checking account which shows recurring income. These requirements are that your account is at least 90 days old and that you receive at least $1,000.00 per month via direct deposit payments.

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