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Why am I not getting a larger cash advance?
Why am I not getting a larger cash advance?
Written by Andrey Gorban
Updated over a week ago

Here at True Finance, we want to help your financial health as much as we can! Our system is designed to get you the right amount of a cash advance, considering several criteria points.

The amount you're given for your cash advance takes the following into consideration:

Active checking account

  • Working to consistently maintain a positive bank balance

  • Recurring income going into the account

Direct deposit

  • At least three recurring direct deposit payment going into your account

Cash advance repayment

  • Positive repayment history on your cash advances is crucial!

18 years old and in the U.S.A

  • You must be located in the U.S., have a valid U.S. phone number, and be linked with a U.S. financial institution

  • You must be at least 18 years of age

    Do you have any questions? We'd love to try to help. However, our customer service representatives aren't able to change cash advance amounts.

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