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SMS Text Message Opt-in Guidelines & Requirements
SMS Text Message Opt-in Guidelines & Requirements

SMS opt-in examples and guidelines to receive a dedicated number for outgoing review requests.

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Collecting opt-ins/consent for your SMS recipients is critical to responsible communications. It is also required by the FCC to make sure your messages are delivered.

All businesses within the United States and Canada are required to register their business for verification with the network carriers in order to send outbound SMS messages to their customers. TrueReview will submit your business information for verification on your behalf once you submit it through the system when prompted.

Why is verification required?

Verifying your business ensures a messaging ecosystem in the US that minimizes bad actors and provides transparency between businesses and carriers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need a dedicated number for my outgoing review requests?

A dedicated number ensures that your review requests are delivered to customers without being filtered or blocked by network carriers.

I was able to send requests before, why can't I continue sending requests like before?

During your free 14-day trial, SMS review requests are sent via a non-dedicated toll-free number. Once your subscription becomes active, we are required by network carrier regulations to assign a dedicated number for your business' outgoing review requests.

As soon as the requested information is submitted, you can continue to send requests while we process and assign a dedicated number for your business.

What if I don't want to send SMS review requests, but only email ones?

Please contact customer support via in-app chat if you do not intend to send review requests via SMS. If you have a Small Business or Premium plan, you can continue to send email review requests.

I don't have an SMS consent process, what do I do?

Don't panic, we're here to help!

The TrueReview team is dedicated to helping you implement SMS messaging processes in accordance with FCC regulations. Contact us to figure out the best path forward for your business.

My business already has a number, can I use that?

No, the number we assign for your outgoing review requests is different than your number used for voice calls.

How do I get a dedicated number?

  • TrueReview will collect business information, along with your SMS opt-in form or example, and will submit this information to the network carriers for verification.

  • Verifying a toll-free number is a 2 step process.

    • When we receive the initial approval (Pending state) that your information was accepted and submitted to the network carriers, we will move your SMS review request traffic to your dedicated number.

    • Final verification usually takes 4-6 weeks. Nothing is needed from you while we wait for final verification. If the information you've provided is rejected by the network carriers, TrueReview will reach out to you to provide additional information or to make updates to your SMS opt-in process.

Examples of SMS Text Message Opt-In

Important: SMS consent must be for your business only, and it cannot include third-party services.

1. Check box confirming opt-in on your online contact form.

  • If the phone number is required, provide a check box for the customer to select to opt-in to SMS messages.

  • You can modify the message to fit your business, however it is important to clearly state that they will receive SMS messages by opting in.

"I want to receive news, feature updates, and marketing SMS and email messages."

(News and feature updates is optional. You can modify the opt-in to fit your needs, however it is important to be very clear what the customer is opting in for.)

πŸ›‘ This is an example only. Do not submit this as the SMS opt-in when submitting your information from your dashboard. If you choose to go with this option, you must implement these changes on your website.

2. SMS opt-in message below the phone number field.

If the phone number field is optional, and the customer is not required to provide it, add a message clearly stating that by providing the phone number they opt-in to receive SMS messages from your business.

"By providing your phone number you agree to receive SMS text messages. Msg & Data rates may apply. Reply STOP to unsubscribe or HELP for help."

πŸ›‘ This is an example only. Do not submit this as the SMS opt-in when submitting your information from your dashboard. If you choose to go with this option, you must implement these changes on your website.

3. SMS Text Message online opt-in form

  1. Add a form on your website that collects customer information explicitly for SMS communication with your business

  2. Add a check box that the customer checks off confirming they agree to opt-in to receive SMS text messages from your business before submitting the form.

4. Addendum in your customer contract or work order

  1. If your customers sign a contract, add an addendum near the customer's phone number and signature

  2. Provide information about carrier fees, ways to opt-out, and ways to get help.

  3. Add a checkbox where customers indicate a Yes/No to opt-in to SMS messages from your business.

5. Physical/signed form for SMS opt-in

  1. If your customers sign documents to engage with your business or services, add a form that your customers sign consenting to receive SMS text messages from your business.

πŸ›‘ This is an example only. If you choose to use this template, please download the template, update it with your information and submit it through your dashboard. You must have customers sign this if you plan on sending them SMS review request.

IMPORTANT: If you change the SMS consent verbiage above, we cannot guarantee approval from network carriers.

How will customers Opt-out of SMS messages from my business?

Customers can opt-out by replying the following keywords. TrueReview automatically adds opt-out messaging at the bottom of all SMS review requests.







Not sure what's the best option for your business?

Contact TrueReview support from your dashboard and we'll be happy to provide guidance to ensure your opt-in form is in compliance with the FCC regulations and policies.





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