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How to send review requests to your customers.
How to send review requests to your customers.

Quickly send SMS and Email review requests to your customers.

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There are multiple ways to send review requests through TrueReview.

Send a single review request

To quickly send a review request, go to your Dashboard and click the "Create Request" button.

Add the customer's name, phone number or email address and click "Send Now"

You can also add an optional "Note" that is only visible to you.

There can only be 1 phone number and 1 email address in the input fields at a time. Do not add more than 1 phone number or email address.

To schedule the request to go out at a later time, click schedule button and select one of the options provided. Requests can be scheduled 6 days into the future.

Click "Schedule Send" to schedule your request for the selected time. You can find your scheduled requests from your Contacts page, under the Scheduled tab.

Send or schedule multiple review requests at once

Bulk review requests can be sent by going to your Contacts page, adding contacts individually by clicking the plus icon, or importing a CSV file.

Click the plus icon to add a contact individually.

Or, download the CSV template, and import your contacts

With contacts added or imported, select all or the ones that you'd like to send a review request to, and click "Create Request" at the bottom.

Select Contact Type & Campaign

By default, whichever contact type is selected from your Settings page will be used as the pre-selected option when sending review requests.

Campaigns that are marked as "Default" will be used as the pre-selected campaign when sending review requests.

Users on the non-legacy plans will have the option to select the contact type at the time of the review request creation.

Users on the non-legacy Premium plan have the option to create multiple campaigns, and select a campaign whenever sending a review request.

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