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Sharing review request links outside of TrueReview.
Sharing review request links outside of TrueReview.

Learn about shareable links without sending it through TrueReview.

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First, let's understand how review requests work.

When you send a review request to your customers, the SMS or email contains a special URL. Each URL is unique for the customer you've sent the review request to. This helps TrueReview track customer interactions, like whether they've opened the link, the experience they've indicated, websites they've click and more. It also helps determine if and when the follow-up review requests should be sent.

While tracking customer interaction is important, you may want to share the link in your email footer, or create a QR code that lets customers access your review websites quickly.

This is where the shareable links come in handy!

Each contact type has a shareable link that you can send to your customers any way you want. Customer interactions through this link are not tracked. Since the links are not unique for each customer, they will be asked to provide their name or contact information when they provide feedback or want to be contacted.

Why use shareable TrueReview review request links:

  • Show customers ALL of your review websites, not just a single URL

  • Segment customers: With Reactions, you can segment customers into positive and negative paths, increasing positive reviews.

  • Collect customer feedback: If customers indicate a negative experience with your business, TrueReview makes it easy for customers to provide direct feedback, avoiding what could have been a negative review.

  • Surveys: Use surveys to get key insights on how different parts of your business is performing with 1 through 5 rating system.

    • Go a step further by asking for a review from customers with an average rating of 5, and direct feedback from customers that indicate a rating of 1 through 4.

  • Brand customization: Make the review requests look and feel as part of your brand, increasing customer engagement and reviews.

How to find my Shareable link:

Shareable links are inside each contact type in your Settings page.

  1. Click on the Contact type you want to use.

  2. Under the Shareable Link section, click COPY LINK

  3. If your plan permits, you can customize the text and color of your Contact types.

    1. Make the changes you'd like, then click SAVE CHANGES.

  4. These review requests share the same styling as the one you send through TrueReview. The only difference is that with the Shareable links, we ask the customer for customer information when they submit Surveys or provide direct feedback.

Here are a few ways you can use your shareable link:

Text clients from your phone

If you work with clients directly, you can send them one of the contact type links to request a review, without sending it through the TrueReview platform.

In email signatures

Link the URL to your email's signature, giving customers a way to always have a way to leave a review.

QR code or NFC review requests

Creating QR codes or NFC review requests cards makes it easy for customers to quickly get to your review websites.

Place QR codes or NFC cards at:

  • Your front desk

  • Restaurant dining table or bar

  • Store window

  • On your business cards

  • Include review request cards with orders/shipments

  • Review request cards attached to customer invoices

  • For ride sharing/taxi service: NFC or QR codes in front of passenger seats

    ... the possibilities are endless!

Where can I order QR code or NFC review request cards?

We recommend ordering your QR code or NFC products from Vistaprint.

Here are templates you can use to get started!

QR Code & NFC Templates

To help you quickly create QR code or NFC cards, here are pre-designed templates you can use with a printing service.

Important! Remember to add your own QR code and use the shareable link from your Settings page. You can generate a QR code with Canva, or when you upload this template to Vista.

๐Ÿ’ก Shareable TrueReview links only work with an active subscription.

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