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Review Requests
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Add-on review requestsIncrease your monthly review request limit with add-on requests.
How to send review requestsQuickly send SMS and Email review requests to your customers.
Customize the branding of your review requests.Add your business color, change the text and more.
How SMS and Email drip campaigns work.
How can I increase customer engagement with my review requests?Customers are not leaving a review, how can I improve conversion?
Schedule review requests for a later date and time.
How do I export my contacts and requests?
How do I change the SMS and Email messages?
How do I delete a request?
How do I stop a campaign?
Can I remove the Powered by TrueReview logo?Powered by TrueReview logo appears under the review requests, emails and business profile.
How to I send review requests through email only?
Sharing review request links outside of TrueReview.Learn about shareable links without sending it through TrueReview.
SMS request shows status "Sent"Learn why an SMS messages may remain on "Sent" and troubleshooting options.
How to resend review requests
Identify repeat customers that did not fully interact with the review request.Identify which repeat customers did not click on your review website so you can resend the request.
How do I know if survey results or customer feedback is from a Shareable link?
How to import a CSV list of contacts
Surveys and how they work.Collect ratings, feedback and reviews through Surveys.
Reactions Segmenting Explained
Direct Link contact type explained
Reply templates and how they work