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When is the best moment to refer candidates?
When is the best moment to refer candidates?
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We suggest taking advantage of the moment when you inform your candidates that they are no longer in your process to make the referral. Doing so will not only make the discarding communication easier for you and your team but more bearable for the candidate. You will be turning rejections into something positive, a second chance.

We found that there are two main ways of doing this. You just need to choose the one that better fits you:

  • If you're rejecting via email: simply add your referral link in the rejection message.

    • 💡 Tip #1: you can either use your referral link and explain circular in your own words, or you can use one of our templates.

    • 💡 Tip #2: if you're using an ATS, simply add your referral info in your discarding email templates, and voilá, you're all set up.

  • If you reject via phone call: after communicating the rejection, you can explain to them what Circular is and how your referral is going to help them find another job. After that, you just need to go to Circular, enter their email addresses and we will send them a referral email on your behalf.

Remember that you can highlight the developer’s skills and qualities in your referrals if you’d like! This will increase the developer's chances of getting hired by other companies.

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