How can I earn Circular points?
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You'll earn Circular points by completing different actions that will benefit the recruiter's network. You can exchange the points you earn for different rewards.

Actions to earn Circular Points

Referring Candidates

You will earn Circular points every time a candidate that you have referred joins Circular.

Every time a candidate that you have referred gets hired, you will earn 25 Circular points.

How the points system works

1️⃣ Referring a role with high supply : Earn 1 Point

When you refer a candidate for a role that has high supply in the tech industry, you will be rewarded with 1 point. These roles typically have a higher number of available candidates, making them relatively easier to fill.

2️⃣ Referring a role with low supply: Earn 3 Points

For roles that have low supply, where finding suitable candidates may be more challenging due to scarcity, you will earn 3 points when you refer a candidate. These roles tend to have a larger talent gap, making your referrals highly valuable.

⚖️ Points Reflect Market Dynamics

The points awarded for each role may vary based on the current market conditions. As the supply for specific tech roles fluctuates over time, the points associated with those roles might change accordingly.

Completing a task for the first time

On top of that, there are 3 actions that will earn you points when completing them for the first time:

  • ✅ Your circular account is approved (+1 Circular point)

  • 👋 Introduce yourself in the Community to other Recruiters (+1 Circular point)

  • 📧. Send your first referral email through Circular (+2 Circular points)

Ambassador Program

You can also earn Circular points by referring other companies to join Circular. You will have your own invitation link found in the Ambassador Program tab

Make sure to stay up to date, we'll introduce special occasion challenges that will allow you to earn even more Circular points just for a limited time.

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