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How do I integrate our Application Tracking Systems (ATS) with Circular?
How do I integrate our Application Tracking Systems (ATS) with Circular?
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Circular allows any company or recruiter to integrate your Application Tracking System with your Circular account for free.

This means that you can select your jobs posted in Circular and sync these with your ATS, allowing the candidates you are in a process within Circular to be automatically transferred to your ATS.

For the moment we are providing the service for Workable, Greenhouse, Teamtailor, Recruitee, and Lever, with many more to come.

How to implement the integration?

We explain the step-by-step in this video.

You need to go to your profile icon on the top right and click on "ATS Integration". Follow with care and attention the instructions provided.

Here you can find step-by-step guides for the data and permissions needed for each ATS:

For Lever:

  1. Select the "I want to authenticate through Lever's Website"

  2. Select Lever Production Account

  3. In the new window, log into Lever as you normally would

  4. Accept the required permissions

Once the connection is done, the synchronisation may take a bit of time. Once this takes place we will let you know by email and notification.

Then you just need to connect each of your jobs in Circular to the ones in your ATS so that we know where to send the candidates.

How does it work?

You still need to publish your jobs in Circular as usual, and reject or send interview requests to the candidates we send you, but, anytime a candidate accepts your interview request, we will automatically send the candidate to your ATS with a Circular tag and all the information we have about the candidate, including CV if available, Linkedin link, etc.

You can then progress with the candidate in your ATS and whenever you reject or hire that candidate your Circular account will get equally synchronized so that your information is updated in both places.

Have more jobs in your ATS that aren't in Circular yet?

You can easily import all of the jobs in your ATS to Circular with just one click.

Watch this short video on how to Import Jobs to Circular from your ATS.

If you have more questions or any issues doing the integration write us at

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