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How can I make the most out of my profile?
How can I make the most out of my profile?

Top tips when filling in your Circular profile

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In this article we share with you top tips to make the most out of your profile:

  • Include as much information as you can about yourself (i.e The Skills & Frameworks you are most comfortable using and have experience in)

  • Make sure to add your LinkedIn (that the info on there is the same as in your profile) so recruiters have a way of viewing your employment history & so we have it in English to improve visibility and potential offers

  • Make sure you add your location and relevant work permits if you have them. Add full remote for more potential offers

  • Add an updated CV to your profile to save you from having to send one to each new recruiter. Add your Github/code projects too if you have one. Recruiters want to see your projects!

  • Add a little description about yourself so our team can see more than just your skillset and get to understand you better

  • Add your full name/real name (we know its sounds obvious 😅)

  • Add salary expectations so you get matched to the jobs that meet those expectations therefore saving time

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