On the one hand, it’s hard to get good candidates. We spent hours searching on LinkedIn or reviewing irrelevant applications on any job board. Or we pay thousands of euros to a headhunter to do it for us.

On the other hand, in every hiring process we have several candidates that we like but who don’t fit completely for the position.

Wouldn’t it be easier for everyone if we just collaborate?

Circular: a community of referrals

By signing-up at Circular, you’ll receive candidates recommended by other recruiters and hiring managers. And we are in a free private beta.

In return, you only have to refer candidates that you liked during your hiring processes. By doing so, you’ll improve their experience as a candidate as we get them interviews in other top companies hiring through Circular.

At Circular you 1) save both time and money in recruiting and 2) improve the candidate’s experience.

How does the product work?

You post an opportunity and we look for candidates who fit –all referred by other recruiters and open to change places–. You request an interview to the ones you like and we make an introduction as soon as they accept.

We are in a private bet so we don't charge anything but we ask you to give back to  the community: refer your discarded candidates so that other members of the community can meet them. And the golden rule:  1 candidate = 1 opportunity. 👉 For each candidate you invite to Circular  you can post a new job opportunity and contact the talent we send you.

Want to try us?

We are currently present in Madrid and Barcelona, with over 500 companies. Some of the companies that have hired for free through us

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