There are two ways to refer a candidate:

  1. Sending an invitation from the platform
  2. With your unique invitation email
  1. Sending an invitation from the platform:

This is the fastest way. Simply enter the candidate's email and click on “send invite”. The candidate will receive an invitation email explaining what is Circular, who invited them, why and how to register.

This is an example:

Once you have invited them, the candidate must register to be part of the community (according to the GDPR regulations). This is important: we will not save or have access to a candidate's information unless it is registered.

2. With your unique invitation link

If you prefer to be the one to explain Circular to the candidate you can share your unique invitation link (you have it here) via the channel you want.

A very extended option is to add it in the disposal email. Here you have an example with the text that we propose:

Why would I recommend candidates?

  • Because you receive more candidates: the more candidates you recommend, the more you  receive.
  • Because you improve your employer branding: it improves the experience for candidates who aren't hired. Here you can see some positive reviews from Glassdoor that candidates wrote after been referred to Circular. 
  • To keep the community alive and free.

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