1. Upload your job opportunity and we'll send you preselected candidates

Once you have uploaded a job opportunity and filled the info, our team selects candidates from our platform manually - all interviewed and / or recommended by community users - and sends them both to your email and your Circular account.

2. Send interview requests to your favourite candidates

From our platform you can manage them all and send interview requests, along with a personalized message, to those that interest you for each position.

👉 Remember that for every opportunity you publish you have to invite a new Circular candidate. So if you have not already done so, you will receive the candidates but you will not be able to contact them until you do. We need everyone to contribute in order to continue offering you the best possible experience.

3. Get introduced by email

If the candidates also fit the opportunity, our team will present you immediately so you can have a first call.

And all this FOR FREE
You're probably wondering how this can be free. We are a collaborative community; if you had a great experience with us we'll ask you to refer candidates  😇


Still have doubts?
Ping us at contact@trycircular.com so we can get back to you right away.

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