What are teams for?

With teams you can share opportunities with your colleagues (e.g with a hiring manager or a recruiter from your company) who will help you choose who to interview next

How do I create a team?

You can create a team in the Teams section within the drop-down menu in the navigation bar (by clicking on your avatar).

You just have to write the mail of your co-workers and we send them an invitation to join your team. Do not worry if they don't have an account, we will send them an email so they can register.

How can we start working together on an opportunity? 

You have several ways to share opportunities with a team.

  1. When creating a team: we display all the opportunities you have in Circular so you can select the ones you want to share with that team.
  2. From the card of the team: by clicking on "+ Share existing opportunities".
  3. From the opportunity page: you can click on the sub-menu and then "Share with a team".

Once you share an opportunity, all your team will be able to see it and perform actions on candidates, such as giving a candidate a "like" or closing that opportunity.

Who will receive the new candidates?

Emails will be sent to the person who posted the opportunity but everyone in the team will be able to see the candidates on the platform.

How many teams can I be in?

You can create and be in as many teams as you like. You'll decide which team you want to share each opportunity with.

What happens with my referrals?

All your team will see who you've referred to Circular.

What if I start working on another company?

Opportunities will become other's but referrals will always remain yours. Your Circular's recruiter account can partner you over time.

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