1. Introduction to the company

What are we doing? Product or service introduction.

Who do we do it for? Target customers.

Where are we delivering? Markets where the company is active.

Who is working in the company or in the relevant team? (Team introduction, Founders, Management if relevant).

2. Introduction to the Role

Who will they be working with? A more detail intro to the team that will be working closely with the candidate on a daily basis.

What will they be doing? Daily, weekly and long term responsibilities in high level.

Where will they fit in the organisation? Mention the impact of this role, its strategic importance and its career possibilities within the company (if relevant)

What will they be doing (in detail) and what will they be using? Key responsibilities: main activities and main tools needed for the role.

3. Requirements for the role

Introduction to the ideal candidate (soft skills, company values).

Requirements: Seniority and relevant experience with tools, products, specific industries, etc. Academic background and languages.

4. What do you offer as a company

Where is it located? How do the office look like?

Is the role remote friendly? If so, give a little bit more details.

Salary and compensation package (meals, health insurance, other fiscal benefits).
You can check our salaries benchmark for Madrid's startups here.

Other perks 

Do you want to post an opportunity following those guidelines?

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